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Edu-Bhutan, Education Consultancy & Placement Firm
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Lower Motithang, Thimphu Bhutan
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Ever wondered what can we do for you? We offer a variety of services to help you accomplish your objectives. However, if you can come and talk with us, we would be happy to help you. Contact us here


Edu-Bhutan is an Educational Consultant and thereby, the main service provided is to get admission to a good college for those who wants to pursue Higher Education, in a good reputed colleges in India and elsewhere.

Job Search

Edu-Bhutan helps the graduates find a suitable job in regard to what they have studied in college.

Education Loan

Edu-Bhutan is  tied up with financial institutes of Bhutan (RICB, BOB, DRUK PNB, to name a few)  in providing Education loan to needy students who wants to pursue higher education


Information about Career-related based upon individuals  interest and field of study.

Career Counseling

If you’re in a rut and are not sure of what to do for a living, perhaps career counseling may be in order. By investing in a career counseling session, you’ll be able to learn which professions might be suitable and hopefully more interesting to you. There’s nothing worse than working at a job you don’t enjoy. Visiting Edu-Bhutan  is a positive step towards job satisfaction.

Those who partake in career counseling sessions will first have to take an aptitude test to see which profession is right for them. They may be surprised to learn that their original career plan doesn’t suit them at all. In fact, many who choose career counseling end up employed in a field that is the exact opposite of what they originally had in mind.

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