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Edu-Bhutan, Education Consultancy & Placement Firm
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Welcome to Edu-Bhutan

Inspiring YOU'th
Dear Friends! We are here to assist & guide you, in your final transition from youth to adulthood, a delicate process that will take shape for the rest of your life, the last stage where you unpack & pack your positive desires & knowledge. The contents of this website are intended to give you a head start in the ultimate choice of your career.“Tashik Delek” & Warm Regards,
Edu-Bhutan, Education Consultancy & Placement Firm
Thimphu : Bhutan

  • No one knows Institutes in India like we do
  • We have a list of selected colleges that excel in terms of quality education, adaptability and humane discipline
  • We provide and guide your Childs progressive assessment in his /her line of interest
  • Our aptitude system test aims to bring out the best results in you
  • Our choice of college for a specific degree course can make the difference
  • You require information updates about places in India,, for students who have never been out of Bhutan previously, face culture shock and find it hard to adjust timely
  • We organize student’s tours to India for the exposure and acclimatization to the Indian cities
  • we are guardians of enrolled students & monitor the academic progress till the end of their course
  • Bhutanese parents tend to follow their instinct at times for college admissions & find themselves in a spot of bother later on.


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