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You’re going to have lots of new experiences and , at the beginning, maybe a touch of old-fashioned homesickness. At college, you’ll be in charge. You’ll manage your money. You’ll arrange your class schedule; decide when to study and when to socialize. You’ll find out if you can build a loft in your dorm room.

You’ll face what seems at first to be an unending stream of chores and choices. Nobody will remind you to get up, to go to class, to do your laundry, to return your library books. Nobody will care if you wear the same shirt for two weeks, skip meals, and party five nights a week. The decisions are yours, even though parents and friends are only a phone call away.


Most people will tell you their college years “were the best years of my life!” A college education is an investment in yourself and in your future that’s really worth making. In today’s competitive job market with increasing numbers of employers requiring advanced job skills, a college education is a smart investment! But selecting a college is perhaps, the most important part of the admissions process. If you do not select a college that match your preferences or if you choose colleges whose admissions requirements do not match your background and achievements, then you are simply wasting your time, money and jeopardizing your future

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